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By Leesha Hazel, Designer, Blogger, Entrepreneur. My most prized recommendation: “Leesha’s unique set of creative gifts and extensive event management experience gives her the ability to make any occasion sing in a key you’ve never heard before.”

Kentucky’s Unbridled Spirit

Here in the Bluegrass State, we think of this phrase as our unofficial motto.  What does it mean, unbridled?  As with thoroughbred horses, it can mean unrestrained, uninhibited, and unstoppable.  It is true with champions.  It is the freedom to expend every ounce of talent, courage, and determination in accomplishing one single goal.  We’ve all stood with great anticipation and marveled as starting gates thrust open.  The horses spring forth, round the track, and race home with wild abandon.  Champions…doing

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The Art of Crafting Music and Events

Orchestrating a symphony and producing memorable events are very similar. Just as a symphony is made up of four distinct movements, successful event planning is accomplished in distinctive steps.   Step One:  Composing. Most musicians agree composing is sparked by inspiration. And most will tell you inspiration comes from deep passion. Whether that passion is ignited by people, places, or things; passion is always born in the heart. From a client’s heartfelt ideas, goals, and vision, the event planner composes a “melody”—an