Bravo’s “Top Chef” chooses Kentucky for Season 16


Kentuckians know our culture is something one must experience with all the senses.  Who doesn’t get a little nostalgic and even a little teary-eyed when you hear, “My Old Kentucky Home?”  And don’t we all stand a little taller when we realize the whole word “comes” to Kentucky the first Saturday in May!  Horse racing and the bourbon trail are musts for most visitors.  Yet we have so much more to offer.  Of course, there are bucolic horse farms so magnificent, one is left breathless; and distilleries touting the finest bourbons & sorghum-based rum.  But what of the beauty?  Fishing and campfires by the lake, Buffalo Trace, and don’t forget a good ole Bluegrass Band.

Audiences of “Top Chef” will experience Kentucky in a way that will leave their mouths watering for more.  What will the show do for Kentucky?  The show averages more than 2 million total viewers per episode.   Kentucky tourism officials are already preparing food and spirits tours after the show airs.  The exposure will peak new interest in Kentucky Tourism.

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