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Come for the Bourbon, Stay for the Continuing Education

Lexington, Kentucky is a premier destination because our industry leaders have discovered the value of interaction.  They believe the standard meeting practice of inviting an expert to your meeting, having him stand behind a podium, and expound upon a particular subject is a missed opportunity. Let’s choose a subject.  How about bourbon?  Don’t mind if I do!  Yet, rather than have an expert talk about bourbon; let’s take those attendees out of the meeting room and into a distillery.  There, they

5 Reasons You Need to Use a Destination Management Company

1.  TONS OF LOCAL EXPERTISE AND KNOWLEDGE DMC’s are immersed in their local environment and have a comprehensive knowledge on accommodation, venues, activities and what the local area can offer for corporate incentives and events. They’ll be able to make recommendations for your group based on their previous experiences and knowledge of what’s going to be the best options for your specific requirements. 2.  A CREATIVE PARTNER Impressing incentive participants can be hard work as many are well travelled and have ‘seen it

Bravo’s “Top Chef” chooses Kentucky for Season 16

  Kentuckians know our culture is something one must experience with all the senses.  Who doesn’t get a little nostalgic and even a little teary-eyed when you hear, “My Old Kentucky Home?”  And don’t we all stand a little taller when we realize the whole word “comes” to Kentucky the first Saturday in May!  Horse racing and the bourbon trail are musts for most visitors.  Yet we have so much more to offer.  Of course, there are bucolic horse farms so

On Horseracing with Ambassador to Ireland, Dan Mulhall

Pulling from the elegance of Europe and Embassy atmosphere, Destination Bluegrass created a warm and inviting reception for more than 130 guests, representing the thoroughbred industry in the Bluegrass. Ireland’s horse racing industry is much like our own.  We share the same passion.  And like our own, racing is one of Ireland’s most popular spectator sports.  On the international scene, Ireland is a strong producer of Thoroughbred horses just as we are here in Kentucky.  We are proud to be a part

Lexington-Based Craft Bourbon Distillery Prepares to Hit Two-Year Mark by Tim Knittel

With September’s designation as National Bourbon Heritage Month, Kentucky’s signature spirit industry will celebrate with festivals, parties and the obligatory imbibing. And while Bluegrass Distillers, located at 501 W. 6th St. in Lexington, will partake in the celebrations, it’ll also be focusing two months further out to Nov. 11, 2017 — the day the distillery goes straight. There are many key moments for a distillery: when its Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) number is issued; when the first drops of spirit condense

Celebrating Bourbon Month with our Bourbon Master

In 2007, Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning sponsored a bill to officially declare September as “National Bourbon Heritage Month,” and it was passed by unanimous consent. And so it is that we are now entering the 10th year of dedicating this month to celebrating – in moderation, of course – what is now fondly referred to as “America’s native spirit.” There are plenty of reasons to spend an entire month celebrating the heritage of this special libation, which has acquired more than 200

Kentucky’s Unbridled Spirit

Here in the Bluegrass State, we think of this phrase as our unofficial motto.  What does it mean, unbridled?  As with thoroughbred horses, it can mean unrestrained, uninhibited, and unstoppable.  It is true with champions.  It is the freedom to expend every ounce of talent, courage, and determination in accomplishing one single goal.  We’ve all stood with great anticipation and marveled as starting gates thrust open.  The horses spring forth, round the track, and race home with wild abandon.  Champions…doing

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Your Event, Taylor Made Farm and Destination Bluegrass – a TRIFECTA Combination

Visiting Kentucky wouldn’t be complete without taking in the sights, sounds and yes, smells of a thoroughbred horse farm!   Destination Bluegrass recently partnered with Taylor Made Horse Farm to offer exclusive access to several picturesque locations on the farm to host special events – large and small. Thoroughbreds are as integral to the landscape of Kentucky as Bourbon, if not more so! For the event that seeks to surpass all expectations of the attendee and the client – look no further

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The Art of Crafting Music and Events

Orchestrating a symphony and producing memorable events are very similar. Just as a symphony is made up of four distinct movements, successful event planning is accomplished in distinctive steps.   Step One:  Composing. Most musicians agree composing is sparked by inspiration. And most will tell you inspiration comes from deep passion. Whether that passion is ignited by people, places, or things; passion is always born in the heart. From a client’s heartfelt ideas, goals, and vision, the event planner composes a “melody”—an