Come for the Bourbon, Stay for the Continuing Education

Lexington, Kentucky is a premier destination because our industry leaders have discovered the value of interaction.  They believe the standard meeting practice of inviting an expert to your meeting, having him stand behind a podium, and expound upon a particular subject is a missed opportunity.

Let’s choose a subject.  How about bourbon?  Don’t mind if I do!  Yet, rather than have an expert talk about bourbon; let’s take those attendees out of the meeting room and into a distillery.  There, they can experience the processes, learn about the history, and become familiar with implementing business practices that have led to the emergence that bourbon is far more than an after-dinner drink.

The following article expands upon this theory that experiences make far better impressions than lectures; and that education beyond the classroom has greater impact.

Why Lexington for Meetings AC

By Leesha Hazel, Designer, Blogger, Entrepreneur. My most prized recommendation: “Leesha’s unique set of creative gifts and extensive event management experience gives her the ability to make any occasion sing in a key you’ve never heard before.”