Kentucky’s Unbridled Spirit

Here in the Bluegrass State, we think of this phrase as our unofficial motto.  What does it mean, unbridled?  As with thoroughbred horses, it can mean unrestrained, uninhibited, and unstoppable.  It is true with champions.  It is the freedom to expend every ounce of talent, courage, and determination in accomplishing one single goal.  We’ve all stood with great anticipation and marveled as starting gates thrust open.  The horses spring forth, round the track, and race home with wild abandon.  Champions…doing what they do best – what they were born to do – fulfilling their very purpose in life.

We also believe in the champion mentality.  It holds true in all aspects of our great state, our work ethic, as well as our desire to perform.  We also believe it is particularly true with Destination Bluegrass.  You could even say, it is our championship standard.

Another championship standard is Taylor Made Farms.  Not only are they one of the most prestigious and legendary Kentucky Horse Farms, they are home to champions and championship events.  We, at Destination Bluegrass are proud to be partners with them.  And proud to be mentioned in their latest press release.  Here are some excerpts.

“Taylor Made partnered with local destination management company, Destination Bluegrass, Inc. to schedule and manage arrangements with event sponsors.  The company helped Taylor Made create four package options named for famous stakes winners that will fit well for any private to corporate event.

“We’ve planned and managed events for companies and associations of all sizes all over the world.  Using that experience, we developed packages that groups can use as the starting point for their events.  We will help them customize everything from there,” said Destination Bluegrass CEO Karla Stahlman.”

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Destination Bluegrass & Taylor Made Farm Partnership Press Release

By Leesha Hazel, Designer, Blogger, Entrepreneur. My most prized recommendation: “Leesha’s unique set of creative gifts and extensive event management experience gives her the ability to make any occasion sing in a key you’ve never heard before.”