Karla Stahlman

About Karla Stahlman

When it comes to events and association management, the devil is in the details. Karla is the team’s go-to person to make things happen on time and budget, not to mention creating the best possible experience. Energetic and internationally tested, Karla takes multi-tasking to new heights.

jones-barn-table-setting-taylor-made-farm- Destination Bluegrass

Your Event, Taylor Made Farm and Destination Bluegrass – a TRIFECTA Combination

Visiting Kentucky wouldn’t be complete without taking in the sights, sounds and yes, smells of a thoroughbred horse farm!   Destination Bluegrass recently partnered with Taylor Made Horse Farm to offer exclusive access to several picturesque locations on the farm to host special events – large and small. Thoroughbreds are as integral to the landscape of Kentucky as Bourbon, if not more so! For the event that seeks to surpass all expectations of the attendee and the client – look no further


Rolex 3 Day Event

Rolex 3 Day Event – An unforgettable equine experience in Kentucky! Out of state relatives visit my family each year to enjoy the competitions which are well managed and presented. Countless volunteers and staff make the event a positive experience. The athleticism and coordination between animal and rider are up close and personal here at Rolex, without the stuffiness and white table-cloth hindrances of European 5 star events. Food, shopping and other on-site events (like Pony Club) make the Horse Park a full weekend destination