The Art of Crafting Music and Events

the-art-of-crafting-music-and-events - Destination Bluegrass

Orchestrating a symphony and producing memorable events are very similar. Just as a symphony is made up of four distinct movements, successful event planning is accomplished in distinctive steps.


Step One:  Composing.

Most musicians agree composing is sparked by inspiration. And most will tell you inspiration comes from deep passion. Whether that passion is ignited by people, places, or things; passion is always born in the heart. From a client’s heartfelt ideas, goals, and vision, the event planner composes a “melody”—an original plan designed to have attendees singing in unity.

Step Two:  Orchestrating.

A composer will often times enlist the help of an arranger. The arranger begins by adding layers to the original melody in the form of chord progressions, a bass line, and structure. In much the same way, the event planner, through creative & thorough planning, develops the plan much like a maestro adds complex rhythms, counter melodies, and harmony. The planner arranges people, places, & experiences like notes on a page, each designed to engage the senses and enhance the experience.

Step Three:  Collaborating.

The third movement in a symphony is known as the Minuet, aptly arranged in triple time. In event planning, this is the most exciting time for both the client and the planner. The passion-inspired, original design is now being finalized. Creativity, practicality, and flawless logistics blend harmoniously as the planner organizes, fine tunes, and builds the overall event to a crescendo.

Step Four:  Implementing:

Like a symphony’s four movements are integral parts of the larger composition, each distinctive step in event planning is essential to produce and deliver a cohesive, creative, and memorable event. And like most music, after experiencing a beautiful melody with lyrical structure and support, we can’t get it out of our heads. The most successful event is the one that leaves such a lasting impression, it is unforgettable. And to the event planner, that is music to our ears.



By Leesha Hazel, Designer, Blogger, Entrepreneur. My most prized recommendation: “Leesha’s unique set of creative gifts and extensive event management experience gives her the ability to make any occasion sing in a key you’ve never heard before.”